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OTEC Africa Conference 2013

Borås, Sweden 15-16 October


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Call for Papers

We plan to issue a conference book towards the end of the year. The book will include the introductory speeches, a list of attendees, information from attending companies, and a paper section. Hence, we invite all who do research in OTEC technology, sustainability, humanitarian issues, cleantech funding, and more related fields to submit upcoming abstracts or even ideas for upcoming articles.

The deadline was previously set to September 1, 2013, but we still consider contributions. We are more concerned with interesting papers than with formality aspects, so you don't have to spend too much time on irrelevant details. Please send your abstract, ideas or any question related to this matter via the Contact page at otecafrica.org. (Note that you as the author will be held responsible for possible copyright infringements, so please only send original work!)

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