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OTEC Africa Conference 2013

Borås, Sweden 15-16 October


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OTEC Africa Conference 2013

University of Borås, Sweden October 15-16

OTEC Africa brings...
...plenty of exciting opportunities for collaboration between scientists, industry, and aid institutions
...a unique chance to aid millions of people
...a unique chance to contribute to a sustainable world while industrializing developing countries.

Welcome to the world's first international conference on OTEC and developing countries! The object of the conference is to bring together the world's leading OTEC researchers with organizations that specialize in funding, people from aid organizations, researchers in development/humanitarian issues/sustainability, and governmental institutions.

The goal of the conference is to establish connections between people who, within a few years' time, can provide African nations with electricity and fresh water, and ultimately bring an exciting clean energy source to many countries throughout the world.

The conference has three tracks:
- OTEC and similar technologies
- funding of cleantech and sustainable development
- humanitarian issues: how can the African people benefit the most from water plus electricity from OTEC facilities?

The image below shows how OTEC Africa combines technology, sustainability, and aid.

The conference is arrranged by the OTEC Africa organization and held at The School of Business and IT at the University of Borås, Sweden. Running presentations of the three tracks simultaneously makes the conference highly time-efficient. As the conference is all about connecting people, it will be a friendly event in a rather informal setting.

Note that this web site will be updated frequently. Read more about OTEC Africa below, and on other pages on this web site. If you want to get in touch with the organizers, visit the Contact page at otecafrica.org.


Photos from Mocambique and Tanzania in the image slider: Linus Hammar, OTEC researcher from Chalmers University, Sweden.
Other graphics by Petter Dessne, OTEC Africa.

The sea, image by Petter Dessne