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OTEC Africa Conference 2013

Borås, Sweden 15-16 October


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Letter from the organizer

Life began at sea. Therefore, it's appropriate that many of the future energy sources, which will help humans in their fight against global warming, also originate above or under the surface of the sea.

OTEC is a fascinating technology, which has previously been discarded as being too expensive for serious investigation and research. The high oil price has turned things around, and it's now time to build large-scale OTEC facilities. OTEC Africa wants this to happen, and we want this to happen right where these facilities are needed the most: close to the African shore. OTEC brings both electricity and fresh water to the people, and is an absolutely clean technology.

The goal of the OTEC Africa Conference 2013 has been to let OTEC researchers and researchers from related fields in energy or sustainability exchange ideas and meet with organizations that offer funding and advice on humanitarian matters. This will take place in a friendly environment, with a highly efficient time schedule, so that no precious time is lost.

The conference program promises to accomplish just that. We have some of the most prestigious names on our speaker list, but are still looking for speakers, and are also welcoming papers for submission.

I encourage you to come to what is probably the world's first international conference on OTEC technology, funding, and sustainable development!

Petter Dessne,
OTEC Africa founder

You can now find the thank you letter at this link.
Petter Dessne