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Borås, Sweden 15-16 October


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What is OTEC?

OTEC Africa is a combined aid and development project, concerning the use of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion technology. OTEC is a hundred-year-old but little known clean technology for extracting energy from sea water. In addition to producing electricity, the sea water running through an OTEC facility becomes desalinated, and can produce thousands of cubic meters of fresh water every day. OTEC can also be used for cooling buildings, and for producing fish, clams, etc.

OTEC only works where the difference between the ocean surface and the deep water is at least 25 degrees Celsius, and for this reason countries near the equator benefit the most from the use of OTEC. Industrialized countries/regions having use for OTEC include Japan, Southern USA, and India.

OTEC would be of even more value to several developing countries in Africa, such as Tanzania, Kenya, and the Western Africa region. Therefore, OTEC Africa invites representatives from governments and aid institutions, from the construction and energy industries, and from the research community to make OTEC technology well-known and used in both developing and industrialized countries.

Read more about OTEC technology here (link to the OTEC Africa main web site)!

An OTEC plant, drawing by Lockheed Martin