OTEC Africa at the 4th OTEC symposium
OTEC Africa at a Marine Energy conference in Smögen
OTEC Africa/The University of Borås behind joint application for funding from the EU
OTEC Africa applies for funding
OTEC Africa presentation at Sustainability Research Day
OTEC symposium speech uploaded
OTEC Matters at the 4th OTEC international symposium
OTEC Africa founder invited speaker at the 4th OTEC international symposium
OTEC patenting discussions
OTEC Africa consulted for innovative use of OTEC in the Caribbean
OTEC Matters 2015 released as free download!
OTEC Matters 2015 released today!
New OTEC Africa web site launched
OTEC Matters release date set!
OTEC Matters to be published by Swedish university
Call for papers
Submission for grants
OTEC Africa Conference 2013 - a great success!
Talks with representatives from the Swedish government
OTEC Africa Conference 2013
OTEC Africa Conference planned
OTEC Africa opinion piece published
OTEC Africa in the press
US Multi-billion dollar company expresses interest in OTEC Africa
French researchers backing up OTEC Africa
OTEC Africa web site opens
OTEC Africa project launched
OTEC Africa project proposed


OTEC Africa Conference 2013 - a great success!

The Scandinavian conference on OTEC and sustainability has now ended. The many speeches represented the many facets of OTEC, sustainability, and developing countries. To me, it’s more clear than ever that the link between these three entities is, or can be, very strong. OTEC is without a doubt a great technology in itself, but it also has merits for creating a sustainable future for developing countries in Africa and Asia. The event was followed in Swwedish media (TV, radio, newspapers), and let many OTEC people meet each other for the first time. Read more at the conference pages ("Thank you all!"). [2013-10-17]